MCG BlueMap Essentials

How to install?

Simply put the plugin and startup the server. After the server started open the config file and turn on which modules u wanna use.

How to enter the worlds data?

The worldwhitelist is a list with worlds that the module may use. Per world only a single map is allowed the map = Mapid from the render.config from bluemap. if u have never altered it then the normal world should be: world/world world_nether/nether world_the_end/end

Module info:

Vanilla Nether Portals

These portals are just normal nether portals. When a player enters a portal a marker is saved and made. When u want to remove a portal simply use the flush cache command or delete the vanillaportals file and reload using bme reload

Factions UUID

This is a module that shows all faction regions and homes on the map. You can toggle whenever to show members on the claim info. and if you want safezones/warzones. This is updated once every 10 minutes on the map.


This module shows a red Circle that is the radius of the worldborder for that world. you can turn on to show the center location to show the coordinates of the exact center. And you can turn on or off the radius to show the size in blocks the border is.

CMI Portals

CMI portals are the custom portals u can make with CMI. these show as icon on the map and can optionally show the location where it teleports to in the infobox.

Ultimate Claims

When enabled shows all chunks claimed including the Members and remaining power of that claim in the infobox.


Shows worldguard regions on the map.

If old claims are showing while they are removed after a restart / reload. delete the markers file from the bluemap folder in the root of your spigot server. Bluemap sometimes do not entirely remove the markers