Creating A quest

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The tree

A quest has a tree of objectives so called actions. the actions can be a lot and offer all the interactivity the plugin has to offer. for a list of actions possible visit the Actions page.


The start Type

The start type is the TYPE setting in the quest file. it can be either sign. or NPC. Keep in mind the command overrules this section completely. if its set to NPC enter the NPCID in its npcid setting so the plugin knows which npc should trigger this one. the sign is setup like so: [Quester] Questfilename


Every quest has requirements that needs to be meeted before the quest is triggered. this prevents doing a quest multiple times or makes the flow go like you want it to.



The end of a objective has a finish action as always it should be one of the following:

GOTO EXIT FINISH the GOTO must be put like so: GOTO#objectivename This starts an other objective in this quest. the EXIT must be put like so: EXIT#Quest this exits the current quest completely canceling out any progress. The Finish must be put like so: FINISH#TAG this exits and finishes the quest and gives the user TAG tag to his file. this tag can be used in requirements beside that the quest is marked as completed for the user also usable in the requirements

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