What are shows?

Shows are basically music and effects combined A show can run for example lasers waterjets lava jets fireworks and more!

How to create a show?

Use the shows gui (/showbuilder main) enter a name and start editing


Every show contains showblocks a showblock is a starting location for a effect. they must be seperated by at least 1 block and are divided by channels. One showblock has at least 1 channel but can have unlimited channels. Each channel can have multiple showblocks. this way you can make sets of effects that run at the same time on the same spots but alternate them easily. For example. I make a quare with 4 show blocks (each corner one) i give each of them a own channel 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 then i select the top 2 showblocks for channel 5 and the bottom 2 for channel 6 and all for channel 7. When i trigger channel 1 only the left top triggers the effect. when i trigger channel 7 all corners trigger the same effect. when i trigger 5 only the top 2 blocks trigger.

The Effect maker.

The timeline builder (explaned below) uses pre made effects Simply click create effect in the gui and choose what type of effect to create. Then configurate it like you wish and click save the effect can now be used in the shows.

The Speaker System

The plugin supports NoteBlockAPI and NBS files if u have the NBAPI plugin installed you can use the musicbox folder to load in nbs songs for each show u can add speakers simply place down noteblocks to add them and destroy the noteblock to remove when in speaker addition mode. In the gui you can also choose the song to play and what mode it will be played at. Local or Global. Local has a range that people need to be near the speaker to hear the music the further away the less they hear. Global is park wide as strong as if ur on the speaker

The timeline builder.

This is the hardest part. When in the timeline builder you can scroll through the seconds and channels of the show on the top. The seconds starts at 0 (start of show) and ends when the highest number with effects has been reached the only exception is the music that will play until the song ends. its advised to keep both the same length. Then you have a row of effects you designed already when you click a effect it gets added to the current selected channel and second combination For example if i add myfirework to second 10 on channel 2 then 10 seconds after the show started the effect called myfirework will launch on all showblocks added to channel 2. When your done editing click save to apply the changes

Show Times?

Every show has showtimes they are added and removed using signs. Simply place a sign (where people can see the showtimes) with the following layout. [show] Showname 13:00 The firstline states its a showtime board. The second one must be the showname exactly the thirth one the show time (Real Life Time!) Its based on a 24h clock If u want a show multiple times simply create seperated signs each with their own time. Want multiple boards with the same time display simply remake the sign with the same time and they will both be updated with the status of the show

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