What are dungeons in difference to a POI?

a dungeon is a building that extends beyond the boundry's of a POI. the dungeon exists of many chunk based tiles that will be connected randomly on generation.

Ok? so how do i create a dungeon?

Depends? wanna make a dungeon where u are use /spaceadmin makedungeon or use the GUI for it

What are dungeon tiles and can i make my own design?

Dungeon tiles are basically chunks with a max height of 16 so 16x16x16 cube. making tiles is little harder then a POI but i will try to explane for more indeph learning watch the admin tutorial link on the main page.

Creating a dungeontile

Each tile can have 4 exists North East South West in that order. this is the thing to remember. making a dungeon requires each possible combination to be present in the theme u want. the current combinations are written as coords like 0-0-0-0 this means no exits 1-0-0-0 means only the north exit is open to connect to another part of the dungeon.

The spaceadmin command is /spaceadmin createdungeontile 0 0 0 0 < where the 0 can be 1 or 0 depending if that side is open (the formatting n e s w)

using the GUI its more easy!

Making the dungeon of your tiles

When u made all the tiles needed u need a themefile the themefile configurates which tiles to use for which exits and such. take a look this is the default file:

ylevelmin: 10 #the minimum y level the dungeon spawns
ylevelmax: 30 #the max y level the dungeons spawns
connecttosurface: true #should this dungeon have a staircase at the middle
chancetospawn: 3 #the chance that a dungeon spawns
extendchance: 20 #the chance that a dungeon grows the higher the more chance for a big dungeon
groundmaterial: STONE #this is a important one if u dug a dungeon in stone enter stone NEVER set this to air. as this block will be ignored when building it.
stairmaterial: LADDER #if the connecttosurface is true this is the material for the ladder
wallmaterial: ANDESITE #if the connecttosurface is true this is the material for the pipe the ladder is in
connectoptions: #the input below are FILENAMES for the tiles u made be sure to enter at least 1 tile in ALL options
  entrance: base #the entrance of your dungeon
    - 1-1-1-1 #the tile with all exits open
    - 1-0-0-0 #the tile with just the north exit open
    - 1-0-0-0b
    - 1-0-0-0c
    - 1-0-0-0d
    - 0-1-0-0
    - 0-1-0-0b
    - 0-1-0-0c
    - 0-1-0-0d
    - 0-0-1-0
    - 0-0-1-0b
    - 0-0-1-0c
    - 0-0-1-0d
    - 0-0-1-0e
    - 0-0-0-1
    - 0-0-0-1b
    - 0-0-0-1c
    - 1-1-0-0 #the tile with the north and east exit open
    - 0-1-1-0
    - 0-0-1-1
    - 1-0-0-1
    - 0-1-0-1
    - 0-1-0-1b
    - 0-1-0-1c
    - 1-0-1-0
    - 1-0-1-0b
    - 1-0-1-0c
    - 1-1-1-0
    - 0-1-1-1
    - 1-0-1-1
    - 1-1-0-1a
    - 1-1-0-1b
    - 1-1-0-1c

putting your dungeon in the system!

Go to the dungeons folder and create a folder with the name of your dungeon theme. inside that folder put the theme file and create a folder called tiles now but all your made and configurated tiles in the tiles folder and ur done. From that point after a server restart the theme can be used as dungeontheme in all worlds.

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