The product Manager

Managing Category's

What are category's?

category's are basically groups that you can put your products under. A flag to sort different products into their groups.

Creating a category

open the admin menu /donate admin manage and click productmanager next Click add category now enter the name using the gui keyboard. After that click ok and its added to the system. NOTE: you can change the looks of the category icons in the config.yml

Removing a category

open the admin menu /donate admin manage and click productmanager next click remove category and enter the name of the category you wish to remove using the gui keyboard after that click ok and its removed from the system NOTE: if there are products in the category they are lost on removal

Creating a product:

Creating a product requires some skill however its a easy job using the MCG Product assistant: open the admin menu /donate admin manage and click productmanager Click create product. This current screen you are now on contains many buttons. Each with their functionality:

  • Name: the product name

  • Description: a short description of your product

  • category: where the product must go in (category see above)

  • Costs + and - : these alter the product costs by whole and decimal costs.

  • Expiry: set a timeframe for expiry of the product.

  • Expiry actions: set actions that run once the product expires.

  • Clear Expiry: clears the expiry action list

  • Actions: set actions that run once the product is paid.

  • Add feature: add a icon to the product page showcasing the features of the product.

  • view Features: view the features in a gui and remove them by click.

  • set perm: sets a permission required to get this product

  • Set stock: sets the products on stock this limits sales until it runs out of stock.

  • clear stock: resets the stock system to disabled

The action system

The action system is a unique system to MCGMinestore. What it does it binds a CharacterdID to a argument for execution. Other plugins can add actions very easy. Note it has support for placeholderAPI placeholders. also if not using Placeholderapi the placeholder {player} will be replaced by the buyer name here are the default ones:

  • M:amount > gives money to the buyer

  • C:command > Console command

  • I:itemname-amount > gives specified item of amount to the buyer

  • P:permission > gives permission (VAULT)

  • R:rankname > Sets the rank of the buyer to rankname (VAULT)

  • AR:rankname > Adds the given rank to the buyer


  • CM:message > Sends a message to the buyer

  • CMG:message > Sends a Global message

  • XP:xplevels > Gives defined XP Levels to the buyer

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