Altering Buildings


So u wanna alter a build he? well let me warn you first.! Once you alter the included builds there will be a lower support as coding mistakes when making the builds are not for the developer to solve. If u still wanna do it then read on!

The Templates:

Every build has a template times 4 if its a directional build The 4 directions are N E S W (North East South West) i named them accordingly on the files. So for example you wanna alter the air compressor. You can most safely change the blocks used by simply changing the names of the materials you wanna change at the location. The data format used is as follows: -1/0/0/IRON_BLOCK X/Y/Z/MATERIAL < From build center The location Uses a BUILD CENTER this will NEVER change. as so The Signs Buttons and Chests May never be moved. in a build. If you altered the build recipe. please go into the Recipedata file and change the recipe accordingly there aswell so players know how to build it. The recipedata file works pretty easy. It works using a Legend a Layers list and some minor details see a example below: Legend is basically the Blocks used in the build. always 12 if not used make it a space " " The Layers are basically every layer of the build (Max 15) this one is adjustable so if ur build is 6 layers set layercount to 6 and add layer1 layer2 layer3 layer4 layer5 layer6 The data for each layer is a grid based one The build has a width and a length gridsize showcases the width and length of it. and each layer puts the letters from the legend into its place on the layer So AAA in the example meanse Ironblock ironblock ironblock. the <BR> means new row. so a 3x3 grid of ironblocks would be AAA<BR>AAA<BR>AAA
    legend1: "a) Iron block"
    legend2: "b) Glass"
    legend3: "c) Chest"
    legend4: "d) Emerald Block"
    legend5: "e) Sign"
    legend6: "o) Air"
    legend7: " "
    legend8: " "
    legend9: " "
    legend10: " "
    legend11: " "
    legend12: " "
    layercount: 9
    gridsize: "3x4"
    layer1: "aaa<br>ada<br>aca"
    layer2: "aba<br>bob<br>aba<br>soo"
    layer3: "aba<br>bob<br>aba"
    layer4: "aba<br>bob<br>aba"
    layer5: "aba<br>bob<br>aba"
    layer6: "aba<br>bob<br>aba"
    layer7: "aba<br>bob<br>aba"
    layer8: "aaa<br>aoa<br>aaa"
    layer9: "ooo<br>oao<br>ooo"

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