Machine Usage

The air Compressor

Using the aircompressor is straightforward.

  1. Make a air canister (recipe in the packager build)

  2. put the canister in the chest note it may only be 1 canister per slot

  3. click the sign it should say compressing and the filled canister is in the chest.

The packager

  1. Click the sign.

  2. Click the item you wanna make.

  3. see what the recipe needs.

  4. put the required items in the barrel.

  5. click the sign and the item you wanna make

  6. voila your item is made!

The Refinery

Using a refinery can be a bit tricky but is also straightforward.

  1. Collect chorus_Fruit.

  2. put the Chorus Fruit in the refinery chest.

  3. Click on the sign if its not enough it tells you how much you have/miss also it animates the tank.

  4. if there are enough in the chest it crafts a fuel canister ready to use!

FAIR WARNING! the server owner can change the required fuel item contact them if its not working!

The suit filling mechanism

if u wanna breath in space you need the oxygen generated by the compressor. so use it hold the filled aircanister in your hand and click a end_rod. Do note u need a full iron suit for it to work. the iron suit must be fully equipt to breath and fill the suit.

The rocket launch program

Follow the steps carefully!

  1. make sure you have build a launchpad with the rocket directly on it.

  2. it does not matter if u build a bridge to the cockpit.

  3. once ready add fuel to the chest in its tail the easy access point is underneath the wings you only have to remove the red_sand and replace it once ur done.

  4. enter the rocket and press the button

  5. you have to be facing the inner direction looking at the glass and not the door opening when pressing the button.

  6. In the menu that pops up you can select where u wanna go. but be prepaired some worlds require you to have air or are hard to move around in make sure you are equiped for the world you wanna go to.

  7. finally click the button for the world u wanna go to and see yourself launch!

  8. it always generates a iron block underneath your feet when arriving to prevent fall damage.

  9. in this progress the rocket and part of the launchpad are lost. to return repeat the steps on the world u are in.

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