MCG Mineweb

Web Panel for showcasing products

How to install?

Installing is quite easy. Simply upload the contents of the zip file to the folder on your server where you wanna have the webstore. after that edit the config.php. see explanation below:

$devkey = "00000000";  //devkey from minestore installation
$weburl = ""; // url for this webpage (just base url not the scriptnames)
$cartmode = true; // Use a cart system or single product mode
$securitylock = false; // After updating the products turn this to true to prevent others from adding products.
$showcats = true; // Shows categories in the header otherwise show all products

How to update the webstore with product

First go to the config.yml of the server and adjust the devkey if not already and make sure you use the same one on the config.php from the webstore and on the server. (DO NOT ALTER API KEY then enter the minestoreonlineurl this is the url from where you put the webstore files for example and set minestoreonlineenabled to true Now make sure the server restarts first! When the server is back online run /donate admin uploadmineweb and if all goes well you should see its updated. if not check the server console or web console for errors.

I wanna update the existing store do i need to delete anything?

No you dont re run the uploadmineweb command and it clears the products cats and images and remakes them. easy peacy

If you ever want a product to be hidden online but not in-game. remove the productname.product file from the products folder. keep in mind the category can also be hidden by removing the category file from the cats folder

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