BiomeData Files

A biome data file what is that?

The MCGWG generator is fully custom this means u can design your own biomes! Including tree's cactus flowers and grass its up to you! these biomes can be used in your world with up to 53 different biomes at once!

What is mixmaterial name?

pageMixMaterial Data

How do i create one?

First create a new file with the name of your biome in the BiomeData folder

then put the following in that file and adjust like stated (Warning this can be outdated please check the delivered biome files for all current settings)

topgroundmaterial: "!multisand" #the material for the top layer of the ground or Mixmaterial name
midgroundmaterial: "!multisandstone" #the material for the 2-5 layer of the ground or Mixmaterial name
maingroundmaterial: "!desertstone" #the material for the layers below that or Mixmaterial name
beachmaterial: "COARSE_DIRT" #The material for the area around the ocean
  leaves: AIR #the material that replaces default leaves or mixmaterial name
  log: OAK_LOG #the tree type material or mixmaterial name (Oak_LOG or SPRUCE_LOG or DIAMOND_BLOCK for diamond stems)
  grass: DEAD_BUSH #Material to be placed on top of the ground layer like grass or flowers or mixmaterial name
  cactus: CACTUS #the material to use as a cactus or mixmaterial name
generateminerals: #the chance/size of the minerals in the ground
  iron: 8
  gold: 5
  diamond: 1
  emerald: 1
  lapis: 2
  redstone: 4
  coal: 10
chances: #the chances for trees grass and cactusses to spawn
  cactus: 30
  tree: 50
  grass: 20
  maxcactusheight: 5 #the limit for cactus height if set heigher then 5 lay may occuer

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