Simple way to translate the items and armor in the lang file

To have it translated to your language you need to know the following things first!

  • Once you translate any bugs that come from changes you make shall not be fixed.

  • the Core language stays English. the current state only translates the items / armor and upgrades.

  • translating can give broken items which means anything made before you translated will not work anymore.

  • You can reload the translations ingame to see if you made mistakes at coding however to make them effective restart the server. Its best to translate while offline!

  • 1 change breaks all items not having that change so keep clear once your live!

  • Do not use double or single Quotes in the messages so: Don't must be replaced by do not for example

How to translate:

  1. Stop the server - optional but recommended

  2. go to the plugins folder

  3. enter the MCG StarCraft Folder

  4. Open the lang.yml with your pref editor.

  5. change only the text between the quotation marks ( "text" )

  6. Save the file but keep editor open.

  7. (if the server is on turn it off)

  8. (if the server was on save the file again to be certain)

  9. Start the server and the new language will be loaded.

Dont forget!

The recipes in the system require manual remake when translating. to do this place down a chest. and put in the first slot the end result thats translated. after that add all the translated ingredients in the right amounts and slots. When done do /spaceadmin createrecipe [itemname] to create a recipefile After that move the customrecipefile and rename/replace the already existing recipe that needs translating. and ur done!

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