CC Rides Support

General rules

The plugin does not have native build in api access to CC Rides (it doesnt have one) so instead the Park Manager will attempt to run commands to configurate it completely. so here are some rules to prevent errors or mistakes. 1. only control the attraction using the parkmanager controls do not use the ccrides commands for that. 2. Do no Remove the ride using ccrides commands otherwise it causes misbehaviour because the attraction is gone and park manager doesnt know about it. 3. The implementation is tested however its prone to fail if the author of ccrides changes their commands or functionality if this happens report it to mmuziek on discord.

how to use a ccride

Instead of generic or trackride enter ccride and on the 4th line the type of ccride. for example enterprise or ferriswheel all of them can be found on the ccride wiki. The attraction will be created and centered on the sign location you are free to move the attraction a bit after creation using the CCRides Commands. as long as you keep the rules above intact. You can adjust the looks and feels aswell as base functionality of the attractions using the ccrides commands to control the attraction use the Parkmanager gui's or signs. Some settings like autostart forced join prevent exit and such are already programmed by park manager to fit the style and such of pm if u change it it might cause issues use at own risk.

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