Space suit upgrading

Well going into space requires some different suit equipment per location you go to.

There are 4 upgrades for all different types below you will see them all

Airtank upgrades

fueltank upgrades/jetpack

radiation protection

Temperature protection





Increases time you have air but requires more aircanisters to fill

first upgrade adds jetpack next ones enlarge the fuel tank to fly

protects against radioactive environments

protect agains very hot environments





How to upgrade the suit

  1. Make the upgrade you need (note that you start at 1 you cannot upgrade to 3 at once)

  2. put on your space suit

  3. Shift leftclick a anvill while holding the upgrade for the suit.

  4. Suit upgraded!

To check if the suit is upgraded simply look at the item itself it should increase the number on the level of protection or size

The upgrades work in 1 direction you cannot downgrade or upgrade by skipping levels. Its always 1 > 2 > 3 > 4

Rare materials

The suit upgrade each uses rare materials to upgrade it. for example silicon comes from braincoral. emeralds are also something you need to find or trade. so be prepaired that its not easy to get them all

The space suit once fully upgraded is a very handy tool on all worlds. especially the jetpack it allows flight if you have fuel in the suit, becarefull tho if ur suit run out in mid air u will fall!

Crafting recipes for the upgrades and suit:

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