Creating a POI

Building tools:

CHEST : will be filled from the loottable

BARREL: will be filled from the loottable

SPAWNER: will be copyed over with the same mob in it

if you do not know how to add a poi and do not understand how please watch the training video here [COMING SOON]

Standing correctly

First Make sure the Build is completely within a single chunk. in order to check that do F3 + G ingame this will show the chunk boundry's

Next. go to spot 0 ~ 0 from the chunk your build is in. use F3 to see the chunk location this is a x y z within the chunk. this can be as low as 0 and as high as 15 for the x and z and 1 - 255 for y.

stand on the same layer as the bottom of your poi build.

Either use the command as described below or the new ADMIN gui for creating this poi

/spaceadmin poi create [name]

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