For admins

Based on version 2.0

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What Are the permissions?

As simple as MCGSC.admin nothing more nothing less

For world access : defaulting to world.worldname can be changed in the worldconfig file if they do not have that perm they WONT see the planet on the map.

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What are the commands (per version 2.0)



example usage

allowed variables

spaceadmin tp [worldname]

teleports to given world

spaceadmin tp aquatic


spaceadmin give [itemname]

gives provided item by name

spaceadmin give airtankfull

airtankfull,airtankpoluted,airtankcarbon ,airtankempty,fueltankfull,titaniteore,conduitore,airupgrade1,airupgrade2,airupgrade3

,airupgrade4,fuelupgrade1,fuelupgrade2,fuelupgrade3,fuelupgrade4, radiationupgrade1,radiationupgrade2,radiationupgrade3,radiationupgrade4 temperatureupgrade1,temperatureupgrade2,temperatureupgrade3,temperatureupgrade4,silicon ,thermoglue,titaniteplate

spaceadmin generatestructure [buildname]

generates the building template

spaceadmin generatestructure rocketn





spaceadmin setair [amount < 100] [playername]

sets the air a person has. up to 99 max

spaceadmin setair 50 mmuziek

1 - 99 for air

any ingame name (online player recommended)

spaceadmin giverecipebook [playername]

gives the recipebook to a player

spaceadmin giverecipebook mmuziek

any ingame name (online player only)

spaceadmin GUI

opens the control gui

spaceadmin gui