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Based on version 2.0

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What Are the permissions?

As simple as MCGSC.admin nothing more nothing less

For world access : defaulting to world.worldname can be changed in the worldconfig file if they do not have that perm they WONT see the planet on the map.

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What are the commands (per version 2.0)



example usage

allowed variables

spaceadmin tp [worldname]

teleports to given world

spaceadmin tp aquatic


spaceadmin give [itemname]

gives provided item by name

spaceadmin give airtankfull

airtankfull,airtankpoluted,airtankcarbon ,airtankempty,fueltankfull,titaniteore,conduitore,airupgrade1,airupgrade2,airupgrade3

,airupgrade4,fuelupgrade1,fuelupgrade2,fuelupgrade3,fuelupgrade4, radiationupgrade1,radiationupgrade2,radiationupgrade3,radiationupgrade4 temperatureupgrade1,temperatureupgrade2,temperatureupgrade3,temperatureupgrade4,silicon ,thermoglue,titaniteplate

spaceadmin generatestructure [buildname]

generates the building template

spaceadmin generatestructure rocketn





spaceadmin setair [amount < 100] [playername]

sets the air a person has. up to 99 max

spaceadmin setair 50 mmuziek

1 - 99 for air

any ingame name (online player recommended)

spaceadmin giverecipebook [playername]

gives the recipebook to a player

spaceadmin giverecipebook mmuziek

any ingame name (online player only)

spaceadmin GUI

opens the control gui

spaceadmin gui


What are airgenerators and what do those files do?

The airgenerator folder stores all air generators placed by your players. Deleting one doesnt delete the airgenerator but deactivates them on restart. If they are deactivated the player can click the generator again and it works again creating a new file. Each file has a Size of around the 10 KB (depending on the coordinates) if the coordinates are in the 1000 or more digits then it might increase a bit

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