Create Attractions

Creating a attraction is pretty easy but still requires some steps.

The requirements are always the same A entry (waiting line) A Exit (the exit) A Entrance location And a at type (more on that later)

First lets create the attraction place a sign just outside the entrance (in front of the entrance to the waiting line) Write the following on the sign: createat ATname generic The first line states create a attraction here. The second must be the name u wanna use (WITHOUT SPACES!) And the 3th line must be the type (generic / trackride) Once you close the sign editor the sign pops and the attraction is created. From this point you need to use the gui for further setup. Using the phone is the most easy /phone > then the attractions app and click the attraction This is the control gui

Event manager

In the control gui there is a button that states event manager this is only used for trackrides It will give you a set of items shift clicking a block allows changing of value When you click a detector rail it sets it as a event trigger for example using the speed tool you can change the speed of the cart to make a fast or slow ride. GiveBowSet gives a set of a bow with arrow and infinity to make a target track ride. To stop use the exit tool

Settings manager

This has all main settings like the costs for normal and fast pass entry aswell as the gates for all types and machines. The chat will give instructions once u start a certain mode For all gates simply enable the mode then right click any fencegate piston or door to set it as door. For the fastpass machines its a 2 seperate system and step process. For a machine its as simple as clicking the dropper/dispenser. For a checking machine first click the machine then the piston connected to that machine.

Attraction types?


A ride that can be anything that doesnt involve event rails or specialized features. It can be a maze to a simple bounce house. generic includes all base features just not the events and such.


A event based ride (basically walk through the ride) works the same as a trackride but with pressureplates instead of detectorrails. (possible more triggertypes in the planning) (COMING SOON)


A event based system that offers extra features for the rail based attractions using detectorrails as trigger.


External plugin offering general amusement rides like enterprise or a ferris wheel using animations and minecarts. (extra setup needed check the CCRide page for it)

Door types


Any fencegate / door / piston / stickypiston / ironDoors count


Specialized trigger to use bigdoors as door see the bigdoors page for more info.

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