MCG Menu (all plugins)

The intergrated MCG Menu functionality

What is this?

MCG Menu is a part of the MCG Plugin security which is intergrated in all MCG plugins. It allows for easy error reporting and updating of all MCG Plugins.


All commands are based on /MCG


/MCG update

[all / pluginname] (Console friendly)

Updates or installs the plugin requested or all at once. (it will update if it exists if not install)

/MCG reports

[page] (ingame only)

View error reports and send them to MCG for investigation and fix

/MCG register

[ID] [KEY] (ingame only)

Links your central account with your server. this is required for the reports to work.

/MCG discord

(ingame only)

Quickly get the discord join link to chat about the plugin

/MCG Website

(ingame only)

Provides a link to the MCG website

/MCG Central

(ingame only)

Provides a link directly to MCG Central

/MCG thanks

(ingame only)

Shows donators

/MCG update

(ingame only)

While ingame opens a GUI that allows you to install or update any mcg plugin

Hey! what about my privacy?

Nothing is send or received without your concent. The only thing it does automatically is checking for plugin updates which u can turn off.

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