Creating a new world


Using the GUI

Ingame use the command /spaceadmin gui after that click the yellow flower icon.

Then click the GREEN wool block to create a new world. Enter its name and use the gui to fully configurate it. Anything changed or edited in the gui is saved DIRECTLY however will require a restart to take effect.

Using the Worldsettings file

The most easy way is to copy over a world and edit it directly however here is the Gianma example with explanations: (this is not always up2date please check the worldsettings file for the current options)

Gianma: #the worldname
  server: server #the bungeecord server if used otherwise keep it like this
  permission: world.Gianma #the permission node
  radiation: 0 #the radiation level between 0 and 4
  temperature: 4 #the temperature level between 0 and 4
  mobssystem: false #should we dress the mobs according to space?
  disabledmobs: #disable certain mobs from spawning in that world
  - HUSK
  airsystem: true #do we need a suit with air to survive?
  iconurl: [url here] #the skin texture from minecraft for the world head icon 
  iconslot: 7 #the slot in the row the icon is on the galaxy map (0-8)
  iconrow: 3 #the slot in the row the icon is on the galaxy map (0-4)
  lowgravity: true #do we have low gravity?
  enablestructures: true #Should POI's generate here?
  galaxy: Obasus #in which galaxy is this world
  meteorstrikes: true #are there occasional meteor strikes?
  preventleavedecay: true #should the leaves never decay?
    type: MCGWG #The generator MCGWG is the custom one u can alter
    custombiomedata: roughland #the biomedatafile names seperated with ,
    liquidlevel: 40 #the layer til the ocean needs to be
    liquidtype: WATER #the blocktype for the ocean (woo DIAMOND oceans nah bad idea) 
    roughness: 8 #how steep and direct different changes are in the world
    Xscaling: 0.005 #these are scaling parimeters u need to try for yourself
    Yscaling: 0.005 #they will alter the height of hills and shape of it
    Zscaling: 0.005 #or make it completely flat its up to you
    Wscaling: 0.005
    enabled: false #do dungeons spawn in here?
    themes: #Which themes should we use?
    - abandonedbase 
    loottables: #Which loot tables can be found inside of the dungeon?
    - 1
    - 2

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