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How do i add my own made poi to the system?

Copy your poi file to the POI folder. Next open up the poisettings file and add the name of your poi to the top list. once done configurate the poi like in the next topic is described.

How do i manage the POI File

The poi file is a easy to understand file. First there is a list with all pois in the system then a per worldname poi list. each poi added to that list is build up like : abandoned-space-station/20-180/1/1-2-3-4 Translated it would be: POI Name/Ylevelrange/chancetospawn/loottables So first there is the POI Name this is the name of the file til the _poi.yml so anything before that. then the ylevelrange or ground Y levelrange means a low and max y level i may spawn in. the ground option means place it on the toplayer of the world on the ground. (this goes into terrain and on terrain but will never float fully or be underground fully. then the chancetospawn which is beside the main change of any poi spawning the chance this one gets spawned. and then the loottables its as simple as entering the loottabe number and if u want more then 1 do it with - as seperator.

How do i add loot to my poi?

Simply place either a chest. or a barrel somewhere inside ur build

Can i use spawners?

Yes when placing a spawner in your poi with a certain vanilla mob in it it will copy it exactly with that mob over. NOTE special spawn settings and custom mobs and such are not supported.

How do i make my own loot table?

Make a chest containing the loot table. the contents will be exactly copied. including lores displaynames colors and properties. Now look at the chest. and type: /spaceadmin poi loottable create (can also be done using the GUI) it will make the loottable and add it to the config with the next ID available from there u can now alter the poi file to include the new loottable in pois Do note it will be effective for the next generated poi. not the ones already in the world.

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